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Sound of Love

This short film is currently on it's festival circuit. It has already received multiple awards including a Triple Crown award from the CSU Media Arts Festival; Audience Choice, Best Narrative, Best in Show. This project was made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Beck Pete - Lonely

[Director of Photography]
Had the great opportunity to shoot this music video for soulful vocalist and songwriter Beck Pete. Directorial Debut from Adam Dillon, this song Lonely is all about the song and dance we play when dealing with relationships. Shot on Sony with Leica M Series Lenses in a variety of locations throughout Los Angeles.

Broken - Pilot

[Director of Photography] - TV Pilot
Broken is a story detailing the flaws of many different relationships, who all visit the same therapist. Post-divorce, mid-divorce, infidelities and new romances. This is the directorial debut from ER's Deezer Dee. Shot on RED with Leica M Series Lenses.

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